FAQ Section

How do I sign up for the module I'm interested in?

Click on the link of the module or modules you want to know more about: you will be able to watch a brief presentation of the module main topics and decide to self-enroll with just one click.

Is there an imposed rhythm of study?

No. You are free to study according to your availability. You will be informed on the date of the final event and we will suggest you an ideal calendar of studies with some deadlines (link to the proposed calendar page), but you can arrange your studies as you prefer without constraints. Our goal is to allow you to combine your family and / or professional responsibilities with your studies.

Who prepared the modules?

The Design for Enterprises course was conceived by well-established professionals and academics, under the supervision of the European Commission.

If I do not understand a part of the Course, what should I do?

You can write an e-mail to platform@designforenterprises.eu, specifying in the body of the e-mail the course you attended and the topic you are doubtful about, you will be connected to a tutor who will answer your questions. You will not be stuck in your study path.

Can I speak to a particular tutor?

Yes. You can contact him directly by e-mail at the address you can find at the end of each presentation (specifying the participation in a "Design for Enterprises" course), if he/she is not available, if you write to platform@designforenterprises.eu you will be directed to another Tutor who will help you.

What are the response times to my tests?

Your tests (multiple choice and open questions) will be corrected within 5-10 days of their submission.

What happens if I fail one of the required tests?

You will receive an evaluation below the sufficiency and you will need to fill out the questionnaire again, following (when present) the suggestions that were given by the tutor.

How can I submit my project work?

The Project work should be sent to the address platform@designforenterprises.eu at least two days before the final event of the course so that tutors can preliminarily evaluate your work.

What is the validity of the Design for Enterprises full course?

The course is designed as an additional source to strengthen your knowledge in Design. It will not replace any academic course, unless approved by a particular academic institution.

Do I receive a certificate?

Yes, a certificate of completion of the full course of Design for Enterprises is issued. The certificate has no legal value and does not constitute a valid title for public competitions or academic institution.

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