Available courses

How to use design as a strategic asset

How to engage customers in the design process

How to change the rules of competition with a design driven innovation

How Global Future Trends and Business Models influence product design and development

How to design a company strategy for the new product development process

How to foster creativity and product engineering, through systematic innovation

How to communicate Design-Driven Innovation

How to use creativity to convert people’s needs in market opportunity

How to design services to differentiate the offering of companies

How to explore new ideas and design products and services for the future market

How the shape of a product can boost its marketability

How the use of innovative materials brings competitive advantage and opens new markets

How additive manufacturing revolutionizes the SMEs' approach to business and product design

How lean thinking enhances product design

How SMEs can improve the design process through waste elimination

How digital tools support design, along the whole lifecycle of products and services

How SMEs can evaluate costs and benefits of an investment in PLM tools

How to use LCA for developing greener products

How to put in practice the LCA methodology in an SMEs

How to run a cost-benefit analysis during the design phase

Guidelines for preparing the project work

An open collection of experiences from successful companies using design-driven-innovation

How to overcome the barriers that limit the adoption by SMEs of design-driven innovation